Choosing To Do Nothing

14 Mar

Choosing to do nothing or none of my business or don’t want to get involved…seems to be today’s culture. We not only get rewarded for doing nothing but we also get punished for trying to do the right thing. With so many of today’s scandals that rock our consciousness, we always find out (to no one’s surprise) it was never just one person, doing one unspeakable act, to just one other person. We always find out, there have been layers upon layers upon layers of people choosing to do nothing. Asklotta wants to make one thing perfectly clear, there is no such thing as choosing to do nothing!  Example, if you see a glass of water sliding off a table, if you choose to do nothing, you have actually chosen for the glass to smash in to many sharp pieces and to spill water all over the floor, possibly causing harm/ damage to property and people.

The latest sports scandals: the New Orleans Saints putting bounties on the heads of their prize competitors or the allegations of the former Penn State football assistant Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting young boys. Not only should we be appalled at the crimes that were committed but we should be equally appalled at all those who chose to do nothing. Their hands are just as dirty as the ones who directly carried out the crimes! Children who are our most vulnerable in our society were allowed to get preyed upon by a monster in sheep’s (coach) clothing…the New Orleans Saints turned their football team in to a military combat unit without the honor or the noble cause (America’s freedom) to justify undo bodily injury. People would rather keep their mouths closed, finding a sense of security in a false reality (what they thought and wanted no longer exist), finding a sense of security  “this isn’t my problem” along with a strong fear of disorientation that immobilize them instead of choosing to do the right thing. We all have witness acts of bad behavior, we all have looked the other way, on a much smaller scale…a friend cheating on an exam, a friend cheating on a spouse, a co-worker’s lack of honesty at work, a friend using bully tactics to get what they want when they want it….none of this should be tolerated. It is all pieces and parts to our – entitlement,… I want it and I want it now,…. I don’t care how I get it, just as long as I get….society.

Asklotta wants you to mind someone else’s business by actively choosing to care, about making our society not just one big awful reality T.V. show but to be a part of something better.

As always, it has been my pleasure to MIND YOUR BUSINESS and to tell you what to do and what NOT to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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