Scattered in New York

13 Mar

Dear Lotta,

I love your thoughtful responses. I don’t normally comment or seek help on sites, but my mind’s been changed just reading some of these back-and-forths. I’m having a bit of a struggle managing deadlines. I’m a writer and have several different stories to complete in the next few months, and I also have a book project. I’m at a loss for how to organize it all, and I find myself flitting from one project to the next without actually completing anything. So manys balls in the air, so little time, and no real sense of focus. Any suggestions?


Scattered in New York


Dear Scattered,

You and I both know this is NOT a time issue, as you say “so little time.” We always find the time for things we want to do, especially time, for those things that are not in our best interest (missing deadlines, etc.) Ah, if only it was a time issue…life would be so much easier.   Asklotta could go in to at least five reasons why you are a procrastinator and hence sabotaging your own happiness and success, but this is not what CBCorp is about.  WE MINE YOUR BUSINESS by dealing with  behavior, truth, responsibility and consequences.  I don’t care why you like to create chaos and disappointment in your life and in others, that is for another time.

This is what I care about and let me tell you right now…this is what YOU care about as well. New York is aggressive, competitive and expensive place. The fact that you’re a writer in New York with pending writing projects tells me that you are very intelligent and very creative. I know there are thousands of people that would trade places with you in a NY second, knock you down without a backward glance.  Also please know, you have not reached this level by luck or by a strong wind….you are in this position, due to hard work, talent and many past positive decisions….Asklotta wants you to STOP being your own worse enemy… there are enough people in this world that would be thrilled for you to fail, why would you want to join that list? That’s just craziness and you and I both know it!

Lets be honest, all your balls do not need to be up in the air at once, everything in your life is not a 911 call…Start each morning by writing a “to do list” with little boxes next to each entry. This will help you to organize and give you something to visualize. Do not put a check in a box unless the task has been fully completed. As you progress through your day, you may find a need to add to your list, but always put a box next to each new task. In the beginning, I want your “to do” list to include, such simple/easy things as “take a shower, eat breakfast”… you will get an immediate sense of accomplicment regaining a sense of energy and a renewed focus for the more important task on your list. I demand you always work towards a dead line one week before its officially due…end of subject. Don’t be afraid of success…its very delicious!!!

It has been my pleasure telling you what to do and what not to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO



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