Fueling Creativity!

12 Mar

Dear Lotta,

Thank you for your post on making hard decisions about sacrifice in order to achieve one’s goals. My diet is off to a great start! My question today has to do with writers block. How do I fuel my creativity?

Thanks a bunch,

Dear Penelope,

You are Welcome! I had no doubt that advising on the Happiness=Success formula is the correct method for all who want complete success and happiness in their life. It will serve you well, regarding any long term or short term goals  in your life.  Remember this formula is not a “one hit wonder”, it is for life!

You have asked a very interesting question…”How do I fuel my creativity” and your timing could not have been more perfect. This morning’s think tank at CBCorp was completely focused on inspiring creativity in ourselves and in others (please see photo below.)….we take “fueling creativity” very seriously at CBCorp, a must, in order to MIND YOUR BUSINESS! Creativity can get dried up and become more challenging in today’s culture of entitlement and bad behavior…leading only to communities filled with low level intelligent human beings.  I find a direct correlation to the higher feelings of entitlement and resentment, to the perfect examples of fools and idiots (regardless of their IQ rankings), leaving no space for high level creative thinking individuals… choosing and I will say this again even louder for all to hear, CHOOSING to live a life filled with envy and revenge ….ugliness and stupidity at its best!!!

Asklotta wants you rid yourself of such said, negative people… who only want to take without giving (a leach.)  Stay away from people who blame others for their unhappiness/problems.  Asklotta strongly recommends and perseveringly advises you to only surround yourself with positive, fun, hard working and respectful people….givers of strength, happiness and creativity…. Asklotta and staff wants you to mindfully and intensely spend more time with people who take responsibility for their decisions and actions! Individuals who bring out the best in you….A lot of wonderful inspiration and creativity comes from laughing at yourself…never taking your success too seriously and always learning from your mistakes while humbly asking for forgiveness!

Again, it has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do in your life.

Kindest regards,


President and CEO



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