Happiness = Success = Beatrix

10 Mar

Thank you for your advice AskLotta,
I’m going to join a Lax team and take a sculpture class (because I’m not that into business at the moment, I like the Arts.)
I keep thinking about what you said about a trained monkey getting a guy who she can laugh with. I need to up my standards, you. are. right!
Thanks for wanting more for me….

I’ll keep you updated, you are the coolest executive in town.

P.S. I love yummy foods but I want to be thin for the hot season. . . do you have any tips for being tiny?


Dear Beatrix,

Your letter fills me with gratitude and joy…you are welcome! Your actions are fulfilling what I wanted for you and for me….raising your standards, taking an art class and playing Lax. Your timing is just perfect, lets call this spring cleaning of your wants, needs, and goals! You will be stepping out of your comfort zone (most wonderful and exciting) while toning up old skills and developing new ones.  You are actively placing yourself with others that have similar interest, hence you will now be stepping in to the success formula, happiness = success! You are taking charge of your life (no one else can) acting with purpose, creating more of the right doors for opening in all corners/aspects of your life. The happier and successful you are, the more you will attract such said people.

Once again Beatrix you have come to the right corporation regarding tips on anything but especially getting ready for hot weather clothing. Say this over and over again, I can not scam the system (your body) Decisions need to be made…what gives you more pleasure, yummy food or a more slender body for the upcoming summer season? You CAN NOT have both so be honest with yourself. In today’s culture we are led to believe we can have it all…we can’t…end of subject. Asklotta has heard so much about staying in the moment, this will not serve you well. The moment of pleasure will bring you failure of your goals. Hard work and sacrificing needs to be done. Set your goals then apply actions/decisions against them..the question you need to ask yourself, will this help me get closer to achieving success or failure? If anyone on this earth believes for one second you can have success without sacrificing, hard work, commitment, boundaries, taking responsibility for your actions, respect for yourself and for others… then they are WRONG and they are only fooling themselves and no one else! Please know CBCorp truly believes in rewards/rewarding but not for “just showing up”…successful actions need to be seen.

CBCorp remains thrilled to have to told you what to do and what not to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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