Small Room, Large Personalities

9 Mar

A new client from Santa Fe writes:

Hi Lotta,

Need lotta advice! 7 of my siblings will gather for our mother’s 90th birthday tomorrow! I want to plant Swiss flags on each table! Lotta personalities, small room.

Dear Small Room,

Given that your mother is 90 Asklotta is going to assume that you and your siblings are all over the age of 10. I am also going to assume by the words “large personalities” you are referring to selfish and ill mannered behavior. Your siblings are forgetting the purpose of the gathering or choosing to ignore it (either or, not good)…it is your mother”s 90th birthday celebration, it is NOT about their ego’s and it is NOT an opportunity/platform to push their unresolved issues/agenda through (that is reserved for their 90th birthday party.) You must be able to say, i love my family but their lack of manors, lack of respect and unacceptable selfish behavior does not serve me well…I need to lovingly step out emotionally and/or physically!

I want you to plant Swiss flags just to ensure you have something to shove up their backsides as a departing party gift for their lovely contribution to the party’s celebration festivities.

Asklotta is never wrong!

It has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what NOT to do.

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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