New Hire

9 Mar

A client writes in to Asklotta for advice and advising on whether she should expand your corporation with a new hire. At this point in her life downsizing has begun and she and her silent investor are reaping the benefits of all her hard work and sacrificing to ensure a very  successful corporation. The holidays bring temp workers to her corporation which is most wonderful, especially during this economic trying times….but let us not forget, the temp workers do leave when the holidays are over! Her corporation basically runs itself because of her superior business/corporate decisions that she applied through out the years! She has had her silent investor for almost 30 years, which is award winning in itself especially in this aggressive and challenging corporate world. It is not easy keeping an investor happy,  satisfied and willing to keep investing in the same corporation for so many years!

CBCorp says NO…..With every new hire comes many years of training, commitment, responsibility, sacrificing, medical bills, union and non-union rules, scheduling, cost, office destruction and repair and loss of sleep. In fact in this moment in time, CBCorp has two Sofa cushions out at the cleaners due to an employee accident. Not to worry, employee is doing great…there will be no need to file workers comp this morning. Please remember, CBCorp is always correct! I demand you to drop any thoughts, suggestions and notions of hiring any permeant new hires/workers.

It has been my pleasure to tell you what to do and what not to do!

Kindest regards,


President and CEO


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